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People Come First – For Real

Most loan officers and mortgage planners love their career and the industry because of the people they get to work with and the relationships they get to build with their awesome clients and partners. At Integrity First Lending, we understand this, and we always, undoubtedly, put people first in multiple ways:

  1. We’ve built a truly one-of-a-kind support system that allows loan officers to focus on what they do best, building relationships and helping people. We have incredibly knowledgeable and licensed loan partners and processors on our side who you can trust to take care of your files after you’ve taken a solid application. Professional coaching is built-in to our process too, you’re never alone in figuring out how to grow, if you put in the time, you can be successful here.
  2. We believe in work-life balance. We are a family at Integrity, and we are there for each other through the ups, downs, and everything in between. Take a vacation, your team will be there for you to make sure your clients are taken care of.
  3. We host quarterly client events to help you stay in touch, take team lunches and have team activities, and have catered monthly meetings, but at the core of our company and what really matters is that we have a team of really kind, genuine, and smart people who want to help each other succeed.

If you’re interested in having a conversation to see if Integrity First Lending could be a good fit for you, let’s talk.

As a Loan Officer, your primary responsibilities are: 

  1. Prospecting for referral partners and new clients
  2. Help your clients to have a great experience.

With every application, we ask you to:

  • Complete a perfect application worksheet.
  • Set realistic expectations with your clients and referral partners so that you set you and your team up to succeed.
  • Have the lock conversation with every client when you lock their loan.
  • Decline all applications that do not close.

When the loan is in process, you are expected to:

  • Give your realtors and clients updates on progress/concerns.
  • Assist your Loan Partner and Processor as they have questions or need help to move a file forward.
  • Resolve concerns and questions with clients as needed.
More than 70% of loan officers that come to work with us DOUBLE THEIR INCOME within 18 months.
At Integrity, loan officers can actually focus on building relationships with clients because thanks to our great support system, our loan officers didn’t have to touch 88% of their files beyond the initial application AND they closed on time last month.
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Because of our support team, we’re FAST. Our lead-based division moves their loans from initial disclosure to clear-to-close in just 11 business days.

Our loan officers stick around because . . .

"I stay with IFL for many reasons that have to do with the business side like pricing and competitive programs, but I would say the true reason I stay here is because it feels like family. Every single person here is willing to help out at any time of day or night to give us answers. Management is a huge support and my team works hard to help. It really is an environment where you can thrive."

– Ryan S.

"It means a lot to me that we are not just about money, we care about getting our clients the best loan with the absolute best service. We want them to be 100% satisfied with us. With Josh’s coaching program, we have a good outline to follow and it helps with growing and getting business."

– Carol M.

"I stay with Integrity because of the support from Josh, the managers, and all other loan officers and support staff. Everyone is always willing to step in and help when asked! Loan officers want to see fellow loan officers succeed and will do everything to help make that happen. We have excellent processors that know their stuff, which results in minimal conditions, which results in loans closing on time! We are a TEAM for sure!"

– Lisa S.

"I stay at IFL because of the relationships and support that I have within my team. My team has been in my corner every step of the way and helped me to grow and achieve levels of success that I imagined would take much longer to reach. Even when it's going well, the job can be hard, and I find a lot of comfort in knowing that if I need help, a pep talk, or some next level problem-solving, my team is there for me! Feeling that kind of security gives me the confidence to be bold and attempt great things."

– Tori S.

"I stay at Integrity First because of the systems Josh has created, the culture, and the environment. There simply is nothing better."

– Scott T.

"I stay at Integrity because Josh took a chance and showed confidence in my abilities. I love the constant learning, the family environment, and the way the company is always striving for more and will never settle for good enough. IFL has told all of us that there are no glass ceilings, that we should not put limits on ourselves because we all can achieve more than we can even imagine in the current moment."

– Lexi G.
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A note from Josh, Founder & President

Goal 1: Break the cycle of inconsistent production.

After years spent learning the ins and outs of the mortgage industry, my passion lies in helping loan officers break the cycle of inconsistent production. Alongside my amazing team, we’ve created a system that provides massive levels of support so that loan officers can focus on what actually creates business. This, coupled with personalized and tailored coaching, helps loan officers through the internal roadblocks that might be holding them back from even greater levels of success and personal growth.

Goal 2: Provide customized, one-on-one coaching to help loan officers reach their goals.

Loan officers grow in a predictable way –– there are no 5 million dollar-per-month producers that don’t know their guidelines like the back of their hand and have a perfectly defined process for their client and referral partner interactions. Every loan officer is at a different place in their personal growth –– our coaching is one-on-one and designed to meet where you are and give you a roadmap to help you get to where you want to be. Our coaching system is unique and proprietary, it is not something that is found or sold anywhere else. Our in-house tools are designed to accelerate your growth!

Goal 3: Create a process and system that works and continually find ways to improve.

One of the greatest frustrations with being a loan officer is when we reach a production plateau. Sometimes this is because support is lacking and you have to spend too much time working on your files in processing. Sometimes this is because your rates are high and despite what your production manager is telling you, you both know that makes a difference. Sometimes this is because you are surrounded by mediocrity and complacency.

The loan officers that join Integrity First Lending come here to grow! Our systems have been designed and proven to help loan officers take their production to the next level. If you feel like you are capable of more than what you are currently producing, let’s have a conversation and see if our team could be a good fit.


Josh Stika

When you join our team, we promise . . .

An amazing support team

Your rockstar team will allow you to focus on production and relationships. Once an application is finished, 80% of our loans go to closing without the loan officer needing to be involved!!

Highly competitive rates

In today’s market, rates do matter. We keep our overhead low so that you can win more deals!

A coach dedicated to your success

Nobody achieves greatness alone, let us help you get there.