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At Integrity First Lending, we value transparency. Our team provides full disclosure about the current mortgage rates in Utah.

Our lending model puts you at the center of the process, where you understand the financial impact of the home loan you are considering. We are upfront about the costs and rates of our mortgage programs to help you make the right choice.

We offer the best mortgage rates in Salt Lake City. Let us help you save money and stay financially protected.

Mortgage Rates in Salt Lake City

Many of our prospective customers come to our website to find a generic rate. Their ultimate goal is to figure out how to get the best loan options to fit their unique situation. But generic rates do not always translate to the most cost-effective loan option for your situation.

Low Mortgage Rates, Complete Transparency

Here at Integrity Lending, we’d rather provide you an accurate estimate rather than an inexact generic estimate on our website that could misinform your research. We follow a three-step process to find a home loan program that matches your needs. Our team starts by determining your mortgage payment based on current home interest rates in Utah.

Your mortgage rate depends on other factors, too. These include your credit score, loan amount, and down payment.

Determine your rate by speaking to our home loan experts. We’ll match you with a mortgage program and a rate that aligns with your financial goals.

No-Cost and Zero Down Mortgage Programs in Utah

Can you buy a house with no money down? You can, with the right loan and the right lender.

Turn to our competent, caring, and trusted Utah mortgage professionals for guidance. We’re happy to help you choose a mortgage program that suits your needs and budget.

Even if you’re strapped-for-cash or have a less-than-ideal credit score, your dream of homeownership is still within arm’s reach. We offer mortgages with little to no money down. These include:

No-Cost Mortgage Programs

Our no-cost mortgage loans relieve you of settlement costs. If you want to refinance your current home loan, but you lack the cash to pay for closing fees or do not want to add to the existing loan amount, this option is ideal for you.

This program shoulders your loan settlement costs, in exchange for a higher interest rate on your loan. Instead of paying a lump sum up front, you only have to pay a little extra over time, for greater cost savings in the long run.

If you are planning to stay in your home for more than five years, a no-cost mortgage is right for you. But if you can pay the closing costs and fees and recover the costs in about five years, then traditional financing would be the more practical choice.

Zero Down Payment Loans

We offer zero down payment mortgages that require no money down and offer 100% loan coverage. This means that you can obtain a mortgage for 100% of your home’s purchase price — a lifeline for some borrowers.

Integrity First Lending offers VA loans in Utah. Active-duty military personnel and veterans with honorable discharges may qualify. Surviving spouses of military personnel who have passed on can also apply for the loan.

With a VA loan, you won’t have to pay for private mortgage insurance, which can cost up to hundreds of dollars every month.

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