Income Property Loans in Utah

Supplement your income by investing in rental homes.

Unlike owner-occupied real estate, rental homes are properties you purchase to generate revenue — either through rental income or by reselling it for profit. And these investment properties provide a hedge against market volatility, especially when stocks tumble.

Diversify your holdings and start generating a steady passive income. Obtain an investment property loan in Utah with Integrity First Lending.

Why Enter the Real Estate Investment Industry?

Anyone can enter the rental property market, whether they’re experienced real estate financial investors or novices. Unlike stocks or other financial investments, you can use your firsthand experience with the real estate market as a tenant or homeowner. This makes the rental property market less intimidating than other investments.

On top of that, real estate properties appreciate in value over the long term, giving you recurring income.

Secure financing for investment properties. Find rental property loans in Utah at low fees, competitive rates, and flexible terms with us.

Qualifying for a Property Investment Loan

Applying for an income property loan is harder than it is for other mortgage programs. Banks consider real estate investing riskier than real estate for owner-occupiers. And this is why investment property loans follow a whole new set of rules.

Before you qualify for your new home, you must prove that you can afford to be in real estate investing. If you are researching home loan options in Utah, here are a few tips that you need to know.

  • Mortgage insurance does not cover investment properties, so expect at least a 20%down payment to secure rental property financing. With a bigger down payment, you can expect a better interest rate.
  • Improve your credit history for better payment plans. A good credit score generally starts at about 690 on the 300-850 scales FICO and Vantage Score use. Start reviewing your credit report regularly to identify habits that could have a negative impact on credit score and learn how to manage your finances and make things work for you.
  • Before investing in a rental property, know about purchase prices, appreciation rates, mortgage expenses, taxes, housing regulations, rental market conditions, state and county regulations, and more. Do you know the laws in your city? All these factors contribute to your property’s potential ROI.

Successful property investment requires a long-term strategy. And that means being in it for the long haul — buying property and holding it until the investment properly matures. So start building a solid long-term business plan for greater ROI.

Your new real estate investment will need a great conventional loan to get you started. Let our professionals guide you toward business success.

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Our team is passionate about helping you get the best long-term value on your new business investment. Knowing the investment property rules is the difference between a great investment and a good one. We specialized in properties from single family homes to four unit homes. If you are purchasing a property to live in as well as rent out you may even qualify for the benefits of an FHA loan.

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