3. Obtain Your Guarantees

Secure a Mortgage Pre-Approval and Close on Time Guarantee Certificate

If you’re in the market to buy your first home or a new house, you’ll need adequate home financing. And finding out whether or not you qualify for a mortgage can “make or break” this major financial decision.

Integrity First Lending gives you peace of mind during your loan-hunting process through our “Pre-Approval Guarantee” and “Close-on-Time Guarantee.” These are two crucial steps in the home buying process. By securing both, you’ll find out how much you can borrow and ensure a quick turnaround come closing day.

Guarantees You’ll Only Find Here

These guarantees are unique to Integrity First Lending and make a buyer’s offer more competitive in order to help them get the home they want. We hope it shows that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is to protect you, the borrower.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call, fill out the pre-qualification form, or start an application and we will be there for you through every step of the process.

Pre-Approval Guarantee

A mortgage pre-approval shows that you are serious about buying a new home or investing in property. Your pre-approval letter is proof that you can qualify for a home loan because it outlines your hypothetical mortgage interest rate, as well as other programs are eligible for.

During the pre-approval process, we collect your credit reports, bank statements, retirement account statements, pay stubs, recent tax returns, and W-2s. By securing a mortgage pre-approval, you can protect your earnest money and make your purchase offer more attractive to potential home sellers.

Integrity First Lending's Pre-Approval Guarantee Certificate

Close On Time Guarantee

Closing is the final step in the mortgage where you get the keys and move in to your new home. We help you get there as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Right from the get go, we set clear expectations so you understand the terms of your financing program. Secure peace of mind knowing that you will close on time.

Integrity First Lending's Close on Time Guarantee certificate