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Project Description

Brandon Barratt

NMLS #596346

I have had the privilege of being in the mortgage lending industry for 17 years. In this time, I have grown an affinity for the emerging affluent borrower, self-employed business owners, medical professionals, and professional services employees. These types of lenders typically require an experienced well-rounded loan officer that understands the intricacies of the specialized transaction.

Clients describe Brandon as an experienced and knowledgeable loan officer who listens intently, offers sound advice, follows up and is thorough from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? For me, it is important that I have a “why.” My why can best be explained with a unique loan scenario I had several years ago. A client of mine was looking for a new home. He and his wife had worked extremely hard to get into a position to purchase their dream home. The clients were very successful business owners. The CPA had arranged the tax returns so that the income wasn’t as high as it had been in the past. Initially the loan was declined due to not enough income. In working with the clients, I was able to determine that their personal debts were paid by the business. With the proper documentation, we were able to get the loan done. A few months after closing the loan, his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The borrowers were so thankful that they were able to share their dream home together with the precious time they had left. I am confident a lot of my peers would have turned this client away. It felt extremely rewarding to be able to find a solution for this client and allow them to be in their dream home together.