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Project Description

Todd Libby


NMLS# 302521  

I am passionate about helping people achieve goals live their dreams. For many people, that includes owning a home or even multiple homes, and I love helping them through that process.

My Expertise: 
My clients describe me as a great listener and problem solver. I take time to learn about what is important to my clients and I care about helping them achieve their goals. I use my extensive experience and know-how to provide A to Z.

My Experience: 
With an MBA and a background in engineering and IT, I bring a unique ability to analyze every situation and find the optimal solution for each client.  I thrive on empowering my clients to make well-informed decisions that will improve and enhance their financial situation.

My Passion: 
I have been fortunate to see many parts of this wonderful planet and have met incredible people everywhere. One of the most impactful moments was visiting a village high in the mountains of Guatemala. The people had little material wealth when viewed through a certain perspective, but thrived in love and happiness no matter how you measure it. They were so accepting, open, curious, and generous. I often think of that time, and am amazed how just a few days left such a huge impact on me.