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Investment Property Loans

Start your real estate investing with Integrity First Lending.

Becoming a property investor takes a long term real estate investing plan. At Integrity First Lending we have experts in single property investment loans. We answer all your questions before you get started.

Tips for Property Investing

You can always save money and headaches by partnering with a property investment expert. In the mean time, we have provided some valuable tips to help make your experience easier and more rewarding.

We want you to get the best long term value on your new business investment. Knowing the investment property rules is the difference between a great investment and a good one. We specialized in properties from single family homes to four unit homes. If you are purchasing a property to live in as well as rent out you may even qualify for the benefits of an FHA loan.


Investment property loans follow a whole new set of rules.  Before you qualify for your new home, you must prove that you can afford to be in real estate investing. If you are researching a loan, here are a few tips that you need to know.

  • Investment loans require higher down payments, expect at least 20%.
  • Credit scores more important to your overall amount. Learn how to make your credit score work for you.
  • State and county regulations must be followed. Do you know the laws in your city?
  • Build a solid long term business plan. Becoming a property investor takes long term planning.

Your new real estate investment will need a great conventional loan to get your you started. Our professionals can help you with the steps to business success.