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New Home Loans

Upgrade to a better home with Integrity First Lending.

A new home upgrade means you have already owned your first home and now want something better. You are planning on moving to a “better” neighborhood, buying a larger home, or buying a home with nicer and better features. It could also mean you are going to build a new home. Integrity First Lending finds you the best loans at the best rates for all of these scenarios.


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Our experts know all the ways to help you get the best deal when upgrading to a new home. There are some common strategies you can use that help any new home buyer that is ready to make the switch.

Build your own home with a great construction loan.

Construction loans are a whole new ball game. If you are determined to build your own home plan on a game of numbers. Building your own home comes at a higher risk to the lender, so you will need to understand that a construction loan is short term, has a creative down payment, and more stringent credit scores to qualify. Being the first family to live in your new home may be worth it.

Contact one of our specialist in new home loans to find out what is the best course of action for you. Do you already own the land, or do you need to include this in the price of your mortgage? Let us start you with integrity lending, and make sure you qualify for your new construction loan. Once your home is built, we will set up your new mortgage.


Know the process of your new home loan before you get started. Construction loans only cover the cost of building your new home. Once your home is built transfer your amount over into a secured FHA loan with lower interest rates that are secured so you don’t have to carry private mortgage insurance.

Constructions loans are a rotating loan that you can draw from as you build your new home. Following a construction plan, you contractor can draw from these funds for each stage of the process.