Stacey Flygare

Utah Mortgage Loan Officer

NMLS #1612601


I believe that at any given moment there are at least 10 possibilities. I provide those that I service several options so that THEY can choose and decide what is best for their current and future unique financial needs.

I am an experienced and trusted mortgage professional with 12 years of financial experience. My strengths include credit improvement, budgeting, financial planning, and strategy.

I’d love to share a few words from past clients:

“Stacey is very authentic, engaging, and resourceful. I trust her implicitly. She is very fun and engaging and I felt her true passion for assisting me with making my home dreams become reality.”

“Stacey is an endless river of knowledge, resources, and insight. She stands for trust and authenticity, which flow directly into integrity. My experience with her was stress free and I felt as though she truly had my best interest at heart. She explained everything in a way in which was very clear and gave me comparable options so that I could make the best education decisions for my financial future.”

I feel that my most incredible ideas and growth come to me while 1. showering, 2. hiking, 3. fly fishing, and 4. serving others. If I ever feel in lack of or lost, I step into service to reclaim my purpose and remember who I am. My gifts, skills, and purpose only becomes valuable when shared with others. I really love working with my borrowers, it’s more than a job to me.